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expandition = constant expanding + expedition

Hi, I’m Janet van Buel

I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you never would have moved

~The Universe


In 2019 something traumatic happened at work that changed my perspective on my work. I knew I could help people better outside of the police force. I knew that already a few years earlier  but I was scared.  Scared for what would happen to me if I changed my life so drastically. But this incident shook my foundations so I knew I had to move.

If you would have told me two years ago how my life would be like today, I wouldn’t have believed you. And the best part is..it wasn’t scary at all!

My Life As A Police Officer

I have been on a journey of rapid growth and expansion for years now, and I am so proud of the journey I have been on. I had a career in the police force that I loved. I dedicated endless days and nights to be the best I could be for the police, and for years this was enough. But then one day I realised I wanted more.

Discovering HeartMath


While I was still working with the Dutch police, I partook in some amazing mental health programmes. These reduced stress and built personal resilience. The HeartMath Program particularly resonated with me. I discovered the practical techniques that helped me to regulate my stress. The side effect was that I literally and figuratively started to follow my heart. I learned that my happiness and even growth weren’t to be found in reaching the top, but in loving where you are and what you do.

Discovering RTT®


By now, I was on a full journey of growth and discovery. I constantly listened to podcasts, such as The Lively Show’. The host, Jess Lively, is on her own personal journey and I love to learn about her growth. In several podcasts, she talked about RTT® and how much it affected her. I decided to try RTT® for myself and went for several sessions. The effect was transformational.

After applying everything I learned with HeartMath, following my inner voice and RTT®,  I quit my job in 2020, became an RTT® Therapist, HeartMath coach, and trainer.


I am still constantly on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Expandition stands for that. It’s the combination of expedition and expansion; two factors that I think we, as humans, need to constantly strive for to feel alive. 

This constant growth is my fuel and also my motivation to empower others to grow in the best possible way for themselves. My mission is to help other people to expand their potential, by removing blocks and helping them to reconnect with their inner voice so they can start to follow their heart. 

I hope I can start to help you with your journey to unlock your obstacles, reach for your goals, and pursue your dreams. 

Janet Van Buel 

The only risk in life is not to take the risk; not taking risks is the biggest gamble of them all.”

Marisa Peer; founder RTT™

Fun fact 1

I love cheesy action movies. My favorite actor is Sylvester Stallone and I absolutely love his movies.

Fun Fact 2

I am an introvert, but I love practical jokes. It’s one of the things I miss the most of not working at the police force. Because I am an introvert I  was always the last suspect so I could get away with anything. My best joke was putting a whistle inside a exhaust pipe of a police car, so when they accelerated you heard a loud whistle everywhere.

Fun Fact 3

If it were healthy, I would eat fries and drink Diet Coke every day for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Fun fact 4

I am very forgetful, and it is driving my family and myself crazy. I even have an extra budget for it because I just can’t unlearn it. Keys, sunglasses, iPhone cables you name it. My biggest achievement was that I left my key in my Vespa scooter. The morning after it was gone.

So enough about me, what about you?

I truly am interested in your journey. Who are you? What are your dreams and what is holding you back from achieving them? Is there anything about my story that resonated with you and is there something I can help you with?

Just send me an email, not only if you want to know more, but also if you would like to share your journey.

What is Next?

If you want to know more about what I can offer you, you can contact me for a free discovery call. In these 30 minutes we will talk about what you are going through at the moment and we explore if the techniques I am providing are resonating with you and if there is a match.

Book a free 30 minute discovery call with me to discover how we fit.

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