Release your limiting beliefs and become your best version

It’s time to overcome what’s holding you back from living a life of being happy and fulfilled.

Release your limiting beliefs and become your best version

It’s time to overcome what’s holding you back from living a life of being happy and fulfilled.

Ready to get unstuck from your life journey?

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you know something is holding you back

You already built a good life, but  you feel there is something not quite right. You believe success is the result of working hard and being tough (especially on yourself) but it doesn’t fulfill you anymore. You are at a point where you don’t really know what makes you happy anymore because you are so busy fitting in and moving forward. You feel like you are missing out when you stop, and doing nothing makes you feel uncomfortable. You want to follow your heart, but you are worried about what other people think of you.  You notice that some old patterns and beliefs like procrastination, self-esteem, lack of self-care still hold you back from taking action.

Here’s the Thing

You know that you want more in life than working hard and you want to break the daily grind,  but  you feel tired and sometimes overwhelmed because of striving for things you once thought would make you happy.

You feel that you have massive potential but somehow, something is holding you back. You work very hard but  it doesn’t feel like it’s paying off. 

So … You want to change something in your life but you don’t exactly know how. You want to put your energy in things that are giving you joy and fulfilment. Some days you feel energized, inspired and excited to start something new, but after a couple of hours/days/weeks you feel overwhelmed and insecure. You can’t seem to keep momentum and you notice yourself procrastinating. Somewhere deep inside you already know what you want, but your mind keeps telling you it’s better to stay safe and secure, so you keep following the same patterns. You want to take action but you feel like you are stuck.

Hi, I’m Janet van buel

I am a detective of the heart. I  am a certified  RTT™ Practicioner and HeartMath Coach. 

I will focus on helping you grow, overcome roadblocks, and find out what makes YOUR heart happy. 

I was once just like you.

I was receiving promotion after promotion.

I was always working hard.

But it wasn’t making me happy.  I felt stuck but I didn’t understand why.

I wanted to move forward but I didn’t knew how. 

I know and understand the place you are in right now because I was once there myself. 

You deserve happiness above all else. 

A happy and fulfilled life is available to you.

So what now?

You ended up on this page for a reason. You are ready to discover and release whatever is holding you back!

I believe that you are unique, beautiful and talented and that you are here on this planet for a reason. I also believe that when you are happy and following your heart, you are the best version you can be.  The world needs the best version of you because when you are your best version, you encourage others to be that as well.

When you look at the world you are operating through the subconscious mind. The programs in the subconscious mind primarily came from downloading other people’s behaviors when you were very young. You were essentially a sponge to the world absorbing patterns from all of those people that you were exposed to and surrounded with. Some patterns were helpful, some patterns were less helpful. I will help you to discover the limiting beliefs that were developed in your childhood, so you can understand them and let them go. After you let them go, there will be space for amazing things to happen. There is freedom to be radically authentic.

Are you ready to let go?

  • Imagine how you would live your life if nothing was holding you back.
  • Imagine how it would be if you could always be your authentic self.
  • Imagine how you would feel if you had an unshakable belief in your potential.
  • Find out what makes YOU truly happy.
  • Find out what path YOU are supposed to be on.
  • Connect with yourself and what makes you happy once again. 
  • Discover what is holding you back
  • Release what is holding you back for good
  • Create space and energy for doing what you want.
  • Choose new empowering beliefs to get an entirely new mindset.
  • Install new supporting, powerful and loving beliefs.
  • Design the future life of your dreams.

You are the architect of your own life.

Future life hypnosis – FREE Download

Visualise your future life – Right Now!

you are at the right place if …

  • You feel stuck in your current life.  No matter how hard you work, you can’t shift the needle.
  • Your patterns just keep repeating and you can’t figure out why. You feel stuck and trapped in the same situations over and over.
  • You want to feel ease and flow in your life again. You want to feel fulfilled.
  • You want to achieve the next level in living a happy life instead of a new promotion.
  • You want to build momentum and stop procrastinating

“The Biggest Cause of Stress is Chronically not listening to your Heart”

So what is holding you back from moving on to the next level?

Maybe you think after reading this:  “Yes, let’s do this!” or maybe you are still hesitating.

Just ask yourself: “Do I want to be stuck in the same patterns over and over again?”

“Do I want to keep feeling drained and tired because I am doing something that’s not me anymore?

How can you work with me?

Happy Clients


Wow, working with Janet was a very pleasant experience! Janet is a gentle person and has a nice voice to listen to. I felt immediately at ease and because of that I was able to open myself up and connect to my subconscious.

During the session I discovered why some old beliefs were still effecting me today. After the session I felt very relaxed and light.

What I especially loved was what happened the next couple of days, that was amazing! I experienced positive things and I received a very uplifting e-mail from somebody that I didn’t expect. It felt like I was able to receive positive things because I released old beliefs.

Not everything was all rainbows and sunshine because I had to release all the old emotions that were connected with the belief. I dreamt a couple of times about it, but I feel at peace with that. I know it is a part of the process.

I noticed within a week that I am more in touch with the real me and that I am taking better care of myself. I am listening to Janet’s audio every week and I am so excited for all the positive things to come!

Mandy Verkerk

My session with Janet was amazing. I could definitely connect the dots after discovering why I struggled with some issues. The recording was very powerful and I love listening to it.

The results after 2 weeks:

  • Last week I spoke to my mother on the phone. It was the first time ever that it didn’t upset me.
  • I have much better focus
  • I don’t pay attention to other people’s opinion
  • I am developing a healthy eating & drinking pattern
  • It doesn’t affect me as much as before when other people disagree

I am still amazed!


“It was my first ever therapy session and it was amazing! I really felt good and understood. Everything Janet said was on point and she really helped me understand the cause of my problem and how to let it go. And on top of that the recording she made for me is pure gold! Every day I look forward to listening to it! I definitely recommend her!”


“I can’t thank Janet enough for the incredibly powerful and empowering RTT session she gave me.   I was feeling emotionally and mentally blocked, stuck somehow, and through Janet’s intuitive, gentle and masterful RTT skills she guided me to exactly where I needed to go to understand the roots and the why’s behind what I’d been feeling.

She has a calm and supportive voice and manner and I felt totally safe in Janet’s very capable hands to go to a deep place within, regardless of how vulnerable the session got.

The personalised transformation recording that Janet made for me is perfect – her gentle yet powerful and soothing voice guiding me to install new and empowering beliefs and values about myself and my life.

I am truly grateful to Janet and would highly recommend her to anyone desiring a deeply healing, liberating and life-giving experience through the power of RTT.

Thank you Janet – you are amazing and I am deeply grateful. x”


I am very satisfied about the 2 sessions with Janet. She knows how to comfort you and she explains very well what will happen during a session.

Before the session there is a intake about the presenting problem and during the session she guides you into a very relaxed state and from that point the magic happens.

Janet has a very nice, pleasant and soothing voice. What I really like about Janet is that she really knows how to narrow the issue down so the session is very effective. It is like she intuitively knows what the real problem is.

The hypnosis was very valuable to me and I still benefit from the session every day.

I would definitely recommend working with Janet because she is a skilled hypnotherapist and she has a very nice personality.

What is Next?

It is up to you. I think you are enough. I think you deserve to be happy and I believe that living a happy joyful and fulfilling life is available to you. 

Book a free 30 minute discovery call with me to discover how we fit.

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